ESPOSIZIONE Interior Design spazi, relazioni, connessioni

Interior Design spaces, relationships, connections. by Arte e Design Venezia This project dedicated to the interior design, promoted by Arte Spazio Tempo gallery and by Venice Design Week, happens during Biennale of  Architecture in Venice.   Period: 1 july – 30 july Inauguration: 29 june ore 19:00 The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 14:00 to 18:00   The exhibition in July presents a selection of interventions of interior design in which the space is conceived in order to create relations and connections between the people who live it. The question that we have asked to the architects is: could the interior designApprofondisci / Read more …

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from 25th May to 20 June 2018 Wednesday to Sunday 11am – 2 pm / 4pm – 7pm Opening 25th May from 5.30pm Preview at 4.00pm Wine tasting by Villa Canthus Italian winery Works of the Architecture Department’s students of the Cornell AAP NYC. A project conceived by US Pavilion exhibitor Amanda Williams and curated by Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning Department of Architecture Assistant Professor Luben Dimcheff. Arte Spazio Tempo, Campo del Ghetto Nuovo Venezia

arte e anima a venezia mostra galleria arte spazio tempo venezia

Art & Soul 11 – 20 April from Monday to Saturday 10.30am – 1.30pm e 3pm – 6pm Sunday 10.30am – 1.30pm Opening: Saturday 14 April at 5 pm     Campo del Ghetto Nuovo Cannaregio 2877 – Venezia

Farina Fotografo allo spazio arte tempo

project by the photographer Max Farina 13th December 2017 – 13th February 2018 Tuesday to Sunday timetable: 10am – 6pm opening 16th December 2017 at 6 pm He recorded with his camera the variation of light ad everything happend during 264 hours of shooting. The center of the town Rialto Bridge facing to Grand Canal has become a live studio for Max Farina.

No ONE La Manica Lunga Cremona

Curated by ABC Centro Basaglia, Livorno – La Manica Lunga ocina creativa, Sospiro Cremona – Galleria Rizomi Art Brut, Parma 13th May – 30th June 2017 open from Wednesday to Sunday Timetables 11.30 – 18.00 Closed Monday and Tuesday NO ONE in English means no one, but not just one. NO ONE is the selection chosen for an exhibition project that progressively develops from May to June, which includes contemporary art suggestions but united to references and contaminations with Art Brut, artistic current present in various editions of the Biennale d ‘Art of Venice in 1999 with Harald Szeemann, in 2013 with Massimiliano Gioni andApprofondisci / Read more …

21 December 2016 – 7 January 2017 The exhibition takes back the first one: Rotea-zione, between thoughts and emotions. It move, between sign, color and visible that exists of the hidden. Ten rotations that cross physical and mental places. Thoughts that unwind between graphic and pictorial emotions, in search of a passage between what is seen and what is felt, all enclosed in the space where feelings are expressed movements … Artists: FRANCO BIANCHI SERGIO BOLDRIN MAURO BOSCHIN DAVIDE DE PIERI GIANNI D’ESTE “WIDMANN” DORIS LUGER NIKOLA NOVA’KOVA’ MASSIMO PUPPI SILVANO SARTORI PINO ZENNARO CICOGNA Read more in the artist’s website

edited by Charly Walter Styleconception 1st – 9th October  timetable: 11.30am/8.00pm Meet the designers Saturday 8th at 4pm “Arte Spazio Tempo” gallery, campo del Ghetto Nuovo, Venezia „DESIGN YOUR INNS`BRUCK“ is the official Innsbruck roadshow for design, architecture and street culture. Innsbruck based creative agency styleconception transforms a local gallery at the lovely venetian neighbourhood „ghetto nuovo“ into a design hub. Read more…  

18 December 2015 – 5 January 2016 time table: 10:30-12:30 – 2:30-5:30 Closed Saturday and Sunday Opening Friday 18 December 5pm-7pm Artists: Lodovico Berardinelli Galvagna, Sergio Boldrin, Mauro Boschin, Doris Luger, Massimo Puppi

22th May – 5th June timetable 10am – 5.30pm Artists: Francesco Barasciutti, Paolo Bertuzzo, Livio De Marchi, Ferruccio De Mori, Pino Zennaro Cicogna Each artist has a story that lives with passion in art. The passion in the art life of everyone in the world. The world history of each living with passion. Five artists, five stories of the world. Paths between the past and the future that we live or will live, following as guiding the fantasy real, material image of the world of each.    

If you like to rent the space for the Venice Biennale you can contact us. The exhibition area is dedicated to art projects that will be evaluated by the organization. It is available throughout the year for temporary rental (weekly or monthly) . It is also ideal for events of Venice Biennal of Art and Architecture. more information