NO ONE exhibition 13 may – 30 june 2017
open from Wednesday to Sunday
Timetables 11.30 – 18.00
Closed Monday and Tuesday

Curated by ABC Centro Basaglia, Livorno – La Manica Lunga ocina creativa, Sospiro Cremona – Galleria Rizomi Art Brut, Parma

NO ONE in English means no one, but not just one.

NO ONE is the selection chosen for an exhibition project that progressively develops from May to June, which includes contemporary art suggestions but united to references and contaminations with Art Brut, artistic current present in various editions of the Biennale d ‘Art of Venice in 1999 with Harald Szeemann, in 2013 with Massimiliano Gioni and in 2017 with Christine Macel.

Artists: Alessandra Michelangelo, Angelo Bottali, Anna Zemánková, Dan Miller, Fabio Zanca, Francesco Borrello, Giga, Jill Gallieni, Luigi Gerani, Margherita Cinque, Paola Pontiggia, Paola Sensi, Raaella Niederkoe, Riccardo Bargellini, Riccardo Savieri.

Gallery Art Space Time in Campo del Ghetto New Venice