The association Arte e Design Venezia with the Arte Spazio Tempo Gallery and the support of Venice Design Week
promotes the exhibition

Interior Design …

the exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 2 to 6 pm
closed Monday and Tuesday

It is curated by Arte e Design Venezia

Interior Design Section: the exhibition presents a selection of interior design interventions in which space is conceived to create relationships and connections between the people who live it.
The question we asked ourselves is can interior architecture help individuals to relate and share moments of life? The exhibition presents experiences of interior design in Italy and abroad.

Technical notes:

Where: Arte Spazio Tempo Cannaregio 2877 Venezia – Campo del Ghetto Nuovo (visualizza la mappa dello spazio)

6 designers are invited
each will present 4 boards 100×70 cm and a model or a design object.

The fee includes:
– rent of the gallery
– reception of the public
– advertising material: invitation – posters – visual layout for social
– drink at the opening of the exhibition

the fee does not include:
– transport of materials and customs clearance
– exhibition catalog
– article in the Journal of Architecture
– brochure dedicated to projects on show for each individual architect with one or more projects coordinated for all architects.

All materials sent must arrive at the exhibition venue from 27 to 29 June.

The organization is available to print the tables to be printed on site (the cost will be estimated based on the number of tables chosen)

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For others showing the Venice Architecture Biennial which deals with Architecture and Design, please contact
Lisa Balasso tel. +39 3484545145

below is an example of a feasible catalog: