curated by Martina Campese

14th July – 31st August 2017
Vernissage 14-07 6:00 pm

The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10:30 am – 1:00 pm and 3:30 – 7:00 pm. Sunday by appointment.

Download the Brochure of the exhibition at the gallery Arte Spazio Tempo

The cultural Association GEA is pleased to promote the exhibition “Conversazioni” of the artist Robert Hromec, curated by Martina Campese, in the Arte Spazio Tempo exhibition space, in the heart of the Venetian Jewish Ghetto.
The idea around which the exhibition develops, is the artist’s desire to create works that are able to “converse” and get in touch with the Ghetto. The excellent historic site, that always fascinated those who within it’s boundaries discover a different reality than the one typical of the lagoon city.

The Slovak artist uses his distinctive language to recreate this relationship, and it is so that people who populate his art works, whose profiles are just sketched, murmur amongst themselves, implicated, facing each other, in a conversation with the Ghetto.

In particular, David’s Star art works show the iconic symbol of the Judaism,  reinterpreted by the artist with a scratchy and evocative style and an archaic language that takes possession of it.

Robert Hromec (1970) received his MFA degree in painting from Hunter College in New York (1998) and his BA degree in printmaking from The City College of New York (1995). He studied fine arts at the Pratt Institute (1990–91); was a teaching assistant in the Department of Painting at Hunter College (1997–98); and worked at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (1992–98). During his stay in New York City, Hromec experimented with mixing various art techniques to achieve his unique art language, which he calls “print-painting”, whose last art works use the aluminum plate as a base.
His award-winning work has been shown in over seventy exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. In summer 1997, one of his paintings was included in a group exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
In 2010, the Danubiana Meulensteen Museum of Art published the monograph “Twenty Years” dedicated to Hromec’s work from 1990–2010.
In December 2013, Cantor Art Press New York published the book “Robert Hromec: New Mixed-Media Paintings on Aluminum Plate”. The book can be found in the libraries of the most important US museums.
Robert Hromec has exhibited in Italy in 2014 in Florence and Lucca with the exhibition “Hands of light”; in June 2016 he exhibited at Area35 Art Gallery in Milan with the exhibition “Silenzio”. He lives and works in Bratislava.

Arte Spazio Tempo, Campo del Ghetto Nuovo 2876-2877, Venice
Robert Hromec alla galleria arte spazio tempo Venezia Ghetto

Robert Hromec alla galleria arte spazio tempo Venezia Ghetto

Robert Hromec alla galleria arte spazio tempo Venezia Ghetto