Interior Design
spaces, relationships, connections.

by Arte e Design Venezia

This project dedicated to the interior design, promoted by Arte Spazio Tempo gallery

and by Venice Design Week, happens during Biennale of Architecture in Venice.


Period: 1 july – 30 july

Inauguration: 29 june ore 19:00

The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 14:00 to 18:00


The exhibition in July presents a selection of interventions of interior design in which the space is conceived in order to create relations and connections between the people who live it.

The question that we have asked to the architects is: could the interior design helps people in relating with others and sharing some moments of their lives? The exposition presents the experience in interior design in Italy and abroad realized by: Aeon studio, Scannella Architets, Studio Aisslinger.

With jazz performance by G. Di Vito on sax and M. Centasso on contrabass.

Arte Spazio Tempo, Campo del Ghetto Nuovo 2876-2877, Venice, Italy.

In collaboration with:

www.synthesis /


Invitation to the exhibition

ESPOSIZIONE Interior Design spazi, relazioni, connessioni