Solitaire Papier
Massimo Porcelli, photographer
exhibition curated by Martina Campese

17th February – 5th April
from Wensday to Saturday 10:30am – 1:30pm and 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Sunday 10:30am – 1:30pm

Opening Saturday 17 February at 5 pm
Workshop Thursday 8 March
Concert of Steve Litter Saturday 24 March at 6pm youtube

Sponsored by: Villa Canthus Winery, Fossalta di Piave, Venice, and RCE Foto, Padova






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GEA Association is proud to promote the photographic exhibition “Storie Svelate” with Massimo Porcelli Artworks, curated by Martina Campese and host in the Gallery Arte Spazio Tempo, in the heart of Jewish Venice Ghetto.

“Storie Svelate” extracts from the project Solitaire Papier by Massimo Porcelli, some of the images through which it is possible to participate visually in the physical and mental journey carried out by the artist himself. As if it was a diary, Solitaire Papier is an en chantier project in which Porcelli immortalizes abandoned and solitary posters in the chaos and bustle of big cities, like Paris, where this project originated.

The idea behind his research is to pay attention to what remain unnoticed, but anyway owns the charm of the passage. Porcelli chose to focus on these details to make the stories, that are intertwined, alive, as they can be deeply explained only with photographs.

For this exhibition a significant serie of artworks was selected in order to allow a vision of all the issues addressed by the artist, as broad, as deep and as complete as possible, never forgetting to connect them within the space and the time of Jewish Ghetto’s charm.

Massimo Porcelli is a professional photographer and author of numerous shots included in several volumes published by Biblos srl: “Treviso, i luoghi del colore” and “Viaggio nelle Venezie”. His exhibitions include: “John Gowdy” at Fornaci Bagnin, Treviso and “Solitair Papier” at Villa Emo, Treviso. He participated at the Venice Biennale of photography in Bassano del Grappa and received many awards. Since 2005 he teaches photography and organizes workshops in Italy and abroad.




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