12 November – 3 December 2016

Traces of return to the future. Painting has become an element inside a container called art today, where we find everything inside. This has led to a departure from what we consider painting as such. Hence the idea of ​​a return to the concepts of the artistic avant-gardes of the ‘900 and the motivations that revolutionized painting towards the future, which, starting from Kandinsky, in a continuous and constant evolution lead us to Pollock; thanks to the energy of Pollock and the irascible of the New York School, who were able to reinterpret the canvas not only as a space to express their thoughts, but as a space for their individual freedom as a man-artist. The personalities of Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell have taught us new languages ​​to express new concepts. We think that painting, today, still has much to offer in the search for new and personal languages, aimed at that idea of ​​painting known above all with the name of abstractionism.





Tracce mostra allo spazio arte tempo venezia