“International Dialogues”
7-16 May 2019
curated by Alcinda Saphira

Opening May 7th at 18:00

Presenting a diverse collection from its New York gallery of international artists, the Saphira & Ventura Gallery in collaboration with Nyicas will host its “Side by Side” exhibition in Venice at the Arte Spazio Tempo exhibition space opening with Vernissage on May 7th at 18:00.
Combining a collection of talented artists from all over the world, Saphira & Ventura Gallery presents “International Dialogues”, the first of six exhibitions in which it will present a variety of artists exploring colors, textures, iconography and concepts, each of which will be engaged in a collective dialogue. The exhibition will present artworks by artists such as the German painter Anna Hopfensberger, Israeli pop artist Natan Elkanovich, New Yorker Nadia Asencio, Argentine mixed media artist Yanina De Martino and French artists Bernard Pineau and Jennifer Court. The exhibition is curated by Alcinda Saphira.