Is the man measure of all things?

Emiliano Bazzanella
September 6th 2019 at 6 pm

What does “measuring” in the digital technologies era mean?
Can we still talk of space-time distances as we did in the XXth century? In a century in which science is ruling the world, can we perhaps be running the risk of a new global quantization, starting from nature and ending with single individuals?
The “size” calms the contemporary man increasingly victim of more or less evident fears; but size, considered in its two aspects -objective and subjective —risks to be denaturated, becoming a bare instrument of control and power on humans and things.
One of the purposes of Size II is then to destabilize the instrumental aspect of the measure to recover the purely relational one, that is to arrive at the idea that “to measure is to interact” without any privilege for a supposed subjective part and an objective part.
SIZE II is the continuation of a project born in 2005 at the apex of the development of digital technologies. It then took place at the Trevi Flash Art Museum in Trevi (PG). The subject of the show was to evaluate on an aesthetic level how the concept of “distance” and the very idea of ​​”perspective” had changed in a world in which digital technologies were rapidly spreading. The perfect, absolute, universal “measurement” does not exist, but rather constitutes a ghost of the spirit or an illusion of man. Imperfection is what characterizes every form of relationship in which heterogeneous entities meet, so that the measure itself, as such, always presents itself as a failure, as if it were a sort of jam. The idea of ​​a perfect measure is thus a properly human mirage that sometimes turns into a pathology.
The project consists of the following sections:
a. performance The Man is Measure of all Things (video reproduction): the image of the artist is projected in various positions on a skeleton while weighing on the scale;
b. performance Meters Hank: the artist is wrapped in a bundle of flexible meters that wound him and lead him to drag himself along the calli of Venice (06/09/2019);
c. paintings Is Man the measure of all things: black and white monochromes with yellow and multicolored “centimeters” so positioned as to become a decorative and oriental element. The positioning of the centimeters is intentionally irregular, so as to represent the impossibility of a precise and absolute measurement.
d. installation The Balance: a mechanical scale is placed against the background of a room with its counterweights made of lead and paper money. To reach the scale, however, and take the money, a sort of labyrinth of metal meters raised 20 cm from the ground is set up, as well as a number hanging from the ceiling at different heights in order to simulate a sort of “jungle of measurement”.